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Recreate Favorite Thai Restaurant Dishes at Home For a Fraction of the Cost

Recreate Favorite Thai Restaurant Dishes at Home For a Fraction of the Cost


Thai Kitchen’s ® premium ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes help consumers prepare

delicious and convenient meals


April 28, 2010 – Ever wanted to recreate a dish from a local Thai restaurant but questioned if you would be able to replicate such an elaborate meal in your own kitchen? With premium ingredients and user-friendly recipes, Thai Kitchen makes it easy for at-home chefs of any experience level to create authentic, restaurant-quality Thai cuisine in the comfort of their own home. These flavorful dishes—think delicious curries, satays, and pad Thai—taste as if they’re straight from your favorite restaurant yet cost a fraction of what you’d pay at a local eatery. Plus they’re as easy to make as other staple meals, like tacos or spaghetti.

Many staple Thai dishes cost about a third of the average restaurant price when cooked at home and take only minutes to prepare with Thai Kitchen’s premium ingredients. Here’s how the cost of making Thai cuisine at home stacks up against the average restaurant price for three staple Thai dishes:


Thai Kitchen


Thai Restaurant

Average Cost/Serving[ii]

Chicken Satay



Chicken Pad Thai



Green Curry Beef




It may seem too good to be true, but Chicken Satay appetizers really can be whipped up for less than $1.50 per serving, Chicken Pad Thai for two can be made for less than $3 per serving, and Green Curry Beef for three can be recreated at home for less than $5 per serving.

In addition to helping consumers save money by dining in, cooking at home allows the whole family to get involved. Even kids can participate in mealtime prep when using Thai Kitchen’s easy recipes. It also offers an opportunity to incorporate fresh vegetables from your garden or the local farmers’ market. With Thai Kitchen’s premium ingredients—from curry pastes and coconut milk to jasmine rice and rice noodles—replicating restaurant meals or creating your own unique dish is both simple and affordable.


About Thai Kitchen

Introduced in 1989, Thai Kitchen offers a broad line of more than 60 authentic Thai products. All products feature ingredients that are freshly harvested and carefully selected for quality and flavor. With offices in the United States and Thailand, Thai Kitchen is committed to continually developing unique and delicious products that bring the sights, smells, and delicious flavors of Thai cuisine to your table. For more information, please visit thaikitchen.com.

Make Your Kitchen a Thai Kitchen.


[i] Based on average cost for Thai Kitchen ingredients and other nationally available ingredients.

[ii] Based on average cost per dish at Asian restaurants nationwide.