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Thai Kitchen Recipes

Roast Duck Curry

Duck is a favorite Thai fowl. Roast chicken, while not as as rich, also makes a splendid curry. Make it easy by starting with a store-bought already roast duck or chicken.

  • Cook Time:75 minutes
  • Prep Time:20 minutes
  • Level of Difficulty:hard


1 whole duck (about 3 pounds, 1500 g) 

1 tablespoon (15 mL) peanut or vegetable oil

1 teaspoon (5 mL) minced ginger

4 kaffir lime leaves (optional)

3 tablespoons (45 mL) Thai Kitchen® Red Curry Paste

3 tablespoons (45 mL) tomato paste

1/2 cup (125 mL) chicken broth

1/2 cup (125 mL) Thai Kitchen® Coconut Milk

2 tablespoons (30 mL)Thai Kitchen® Peanut Satay Sauce

2 cups (500 mL) green beans, cut diagonally into 1-inch pieces

3 large tomatoes, cut into wedges

1 tablespoon (15 mL) chopped fresh basil

Cooked Thai Kitchen® Jasmine Rice

Whole basil leaves (optional)


PREHEAT oven to 350°F, 175°C . Place duck in roasting pan. Roast 1 hour or until almost cooked through. Cool duck. Remove skin. Cut meat into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.

HEAT oil in large skillet or wok on high heat. Add ginger and kaffir lime leaves; stir fry 30 seconds or until fragrant. Add red curry paste and tomato paste; stir fry 3 to 4 minutes. Add broth, stirring to release browned bits from bottom of skillet. Add coconut milk, peanut satay sauce, green beans and tomatoes. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to low; simmer 3 to 4 minutes or until green beans are tender.

STIR in duck. Simmer 2 to 3 minutes or until heated through. Stir in chopped basil. Remove lime leaves before serving. Serve with cooked Jasmine Rice. Garnish with whole basil leaves, if desired.

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